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Arlene Hawkins photographed by Eve Arnold, 1968 (x)

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

Duggie Fileds, 1976
"But what if you could know?

Know them right now, on this weekend, which is still happening for them and tells you all that they are: They are beautiful and they are hideous. They are young and they are ancient. They are laughing and they are angry. They are trying to remember who they were and become who they will be. It has nothing to do with you. It is the reason for you. It is just a weekend, the weather changing minute by minute, minutes slipping away.”

—Lena Dunham on The Big Chill

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From Parsons To Paper Mag: How Mickey Boardman Made It In Fashion
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By Brianna Ashby via Bright Wall/Dark Room.