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"It’s that little gap between…

you know when you’re saying goodbye to somebody at the airport that you love, and you get all soft and you think ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even hardly - I hardly knew ya.’? You know, that kind of feeling. What if that’s the truth? That that mode - that times 10 - is the mode we should exist in all the time. Then on another day you’re just yourself. There’s a big gap between those two people. So my regret would be: How much time did I spend between that regular old habitual mindset of taking everything for granted, as opposed to this exalted state of being super tenderized to the people you care about?”

-George Saunders 

(via The Best Bangs of All Time - Vogue)
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"Sometimes it is necessary to put aside our work.

Walk by the sea. Help another. Run through the forest. Sleep beneath the stars. Then go back to the work, with new air in our lungs, new ideas.”

-Patti Smith, Wonderland Magazine

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